If you eat chicken and yogurt together, you should know these anti-inflammatory foods!

Someone is forbidden to eat anti-inflammatory food when they start to taste leftover chicken and yogurt. There are a lot of people out there today who enjoy this tasting that ignores the ‘oh, there’s nothing wrong with it.’ But can this suggestion be rejected? Older people were more likely to be fed a healthy diet while starving. Today, however, many prefer to associate food with the taste of the tongue. The place of health is often neglected. Ayurveda says that many of these foods are anti-foods. Consistently taking anti-inflammatory foods can lead to skin diseases and rheumatism. A well-rounded diet can prolong life and improve health and immunity. Almost all foods contain a small amount of toxicity. Normally this does not affect the body. But some diets can increase the number of toxins that enter the body. These are anti-foods. Each country has its own diet, depending on the seasons, availability of food and lifestyle. We are moving into the fast-food culture by rejecting our country’s traditional cuisine in terms of taste and variety. Modern medicine also refutes the notion that all food is toxic. Dietitians also say that there is no scientific basis for this. You can use any food that suits your body’s health and taste. It is not based on nationality or time period. There is nothing wrong with using fruit and milk together.

Milkshakes made with fruit and mango milk are not harmful. Moreover, they can be beneficial at a growing age. Milkshakes contain many of the proteins that the body needs at this age. However, it is recommended that adults do not add milk to fruit juices. Dietitians suggest that eating fatty foods is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease and malabsorption. Dietary supplements like Kesari dal and kappa have certain harmful effects on the body. But these disadvantages can be remedied through proper cooking. There are many other things to consider when it comes to food, even though they may not be called anti-foods. Avoid the use of hormone fed meat and eggs. Most of the vegetables available in the market have high pesticide content. Therefore, vegetables should be washed in salted water for at least half an hour before being used. Everyone can grow a small vegetable garden on their own throat or terrace and try out organic farming. Allopathic is silent on the issue of anti-Ayurvedic diet. There is no mention in the Allopathy of food groups that can be called anti-foods. There has been no scientific study of whether the use of different foods together causes illness. But allopathic food is also said to avoid allergic foods and artificially processed foods. Those who never joined Many of the foods we normally use without notice are anti-inflammatory. Let us see what they are.  Along with fish, milk, juices, honey, plums, and sprouted cereals are consumed. Grind, grapefruit, pineapple, jackfruit, tomatoes, shrimp, mango, mushrooms, teas, mussels, parsnips, minced meat with milk. Eating vegetables or milk together or in close proximity. Yogurt with curd, fish, honey, ghee, plow, and jaggery. To combine with lamb, sesame, honey, and plums. Potatoes are used in combination with milk, honey, plums, and jaggery. Moro yogurt with a banana. Mix honey and ghee equally. Mushrooms include fish, especially shrimp and juices. Mushrooms and mustard are used together. ∙ Pineapple, urad, milk, yogurt, honey, ghee are eaten simultaneously.

Preparing food by adding a variety of meats. A combination of wheat and sesame oil. Drinking water immediately after eating peanuts. Symptoms of digestion of food Anti-inflammatories can damage most of the internal organs such as the liver, kidney, and brain. The six flavors are for food. Sweet, sour, salty, mulch, spicy, bitter. The healthiest way is to prepare and eat foods that are nutritious and suitable for the body, digestion and period. Digestion, hunger, shortness of body, excretion of stools The body is equal to the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha natures. Eating habits that maintain this properly are desirable. Fast Food While fast foods may be occasional, they are not good for your body. Dalada is used to cook these foods and contains trans-fatty acid. It can harm your body. Tastemakers, food additives and preservatives ingested in large quantities can cause fatal diseases like cancer. Reusing a used oil, again and again, can be harmful. The cleanliness of the place where the food is cooked, the cleanliness of the ingredients used, and the cleanliness of handling utensils and utensils are also important factors in the fast-food style.

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