If you are on a strict diet to lose your weight, then don’t miss this diet plan( Video)

Nowadays everybody has this problem, overweight! Both women and men are more conscious of their body fat. Almost everyone likes being to be slim and beautiful. But today’s busy life schedule, no one gets time to control their body fat – if you don’t have time to workout in Jim and all, then perfect dieting plan is the only option for reducing your overweight.

The fermented South Indian delicacy is said to be a perfect addition to the weight-loss diet. Made from pulses, dosa is easy to digest while having low calorie and fat content. Like most South Indian foods, dosa does not add to your body weight and can help lose that extra weight due to its low calorie and low-fat content. If you are on a strict diet to lose your weight, then dosa has to be in your diet plan.

Having high carbohydrate content and being low in calories, the healthy food item help to keep your body fit and fine whereas the low calories will help to manage weight loss. It is a good option for people on a weight loss diet because cutting out carbohydrates from your diet can make you lethargic, low on energy and other health problems. The balance of the healthy nutrients in dosa help provide your body with the necessary nutrition it requires, without causing any unnecessary weight gain. The presence of the plant-based proteins in dosa makes it optimum for weight-loss.

Healthy Dosa Recipes for weight-loss include; Moong dosa and Ragi spinach dosa for weight loss & healthy heart…
Dosa is indeed a healthy food and beneficial for weight loss. However, it also depends on the way of preparation and ingredients used to prepare dosa. Using olive oil or canola oil can be considered or low-fat butter to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.