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If want, I can act as Mammootty’s mother, if this condition is okay!


Urvashi is a heroine who was once a staple in Malayalam cinema. Jayaram, Mohanlal, Mukesh, and Jagatheesh are some of the leading actors in the film. The actor has done many films in Malayalam and other languages. The actress got married at a time when the film was in full swing. Although he was away from the cinema for a few days, after a hiatus, the actor reappeared in Malayalam cinema. In the second coming, the actor will focus on choosing only the most important roles instead of appearing in regular movies as in the past.


Urvashi is now talking about the decision she made in her second coming. I’m ready to act as Mammootty’s mother. But I have to realize that the character is so important in the film. What matters is not the beauty of the character but its importance. I’m looking at that relevance. It’s better to do one or two films that are worth the character than to do a lot of movies. The first thing I saw when I played Meera Jasmine’s mother in Achu’s mother was the relevance of that character.

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Urvashi made her second appearance in the film ‘Achuvinte Amma’. The movie directed by Sathyan Anthikkad was a super hit. Urvashi played the role of Meera Jasmine’s mother in the hugely successful film. The film was released in January 2005 and was scripted by Ranjan Pramod. The role of Urvashi’s mother in the second coming from the heroine was well received by the family audience.

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