If students are weak in studies, action will be taken against teachers

class room
class room

The government is going to take a new step to improve the quality of education in council schools. Now every Saturday there will be online quiz between teacher and students. In this, it will be assessed that what is the status of the students’ studies? If the students are weak at any level, then action will be taken against the concerned officer and the principal and teacher.

E-Pathshala is being organized so that there is no adverse effect in the teaching in the council schools. E-Pathshala has been started from the departmental level. Like before, this time too children will be trained through Diksha App, Prerna App, Read Along App.

Apart from this, reading material will be sent to the students by adding WhatsApp group. Now the government has decided that a quiz competition will be organized every Saturday to maintain the interest of studies among the children.

The quiz will consist of class wise questions from teachers level. The answers to those questions will be asked to the students through app or online mode. The student who answers the questions will be considered eligible. Those unable to answer will be asked the reason for getting less questions or marks. If the student says that he was not taught at the school level itself, then action will be taken against the teacher concerned. In-charge BSA Sanjay Kumar said that the quiz will increase the level of ability of the students. Instructions have been given in this regard.