If so, will you give back the Padma Shri: Kangana

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut has once again created a sensation in the film industry after the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He announced that she would withdraw his Padma Shri award if she could not prove his arguments in the matter. Kangana Ranaut made the revelation while speaking to a Hindi TV channel.

Sushant explained that he had called the Mumbai police while he was in Manali as part of the investigation into the case, but that no one had come to ask him to send his statement, but clarified that he would not speak openly about what he had said in the matter and that he was not a fugitive. She said she would not be eligible to retain the Padma Shri award if she could not prove her criticisms.

Sushant’s suicide on June 14 shocked the entire movie world. There has also been a lot of criticism of nepotism in the industry. Kangana Ranaut has been highly critical of producers like Mahesh Bhatt and Karan Johar. It is also known that Kangana was outraged at the Bollywood industry for calling Sushant a suicide or a premeditated murder.

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