If not, give the money back! Producer against Trisha!

Trisha is one of the favorite actresses of Tamil Nadu. The actor plays a variety of characters. The actor has his own take on the film. There have been instances where he has refused the opportunity after realizing that his character is not important. The maker of the new movie Paramapadham Vilaiyattu has come out against the star. He has been questioned for not participating in the promotion. He says that if he cannot participate in the promotion, he must return the purchased reward. The movie hits theaters on February 28.

Promotional events are actively underway ahead of its release. The producer was furious that the heroine Trisha was not present. The film was pre-released in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Trisha was not present at the event. The producer says that if he does not participate in the promotional events during the release, he should return a share from the purchase price. He says the incident is an example for everyone working in the film industry. The producers had earlier criticized Nayanthara for not participating in the promotion.