If it goes like this, Shine will be my senior- Kunchakko Boban

Actor Shine Tom Chacko is the favorite star of Malayalam. Shine is an actor who has conquered the hearts of his fans with different characters in a short span of time. Shine’s new film ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’ is all set for release. The actor has completed his 100th film in his career in a short span of time. Actor Kunchacko Boban has come to appreciate Shine.
Chakochan says that Shine will become his senior if he goes like this. He has done a total of 103 films in his 27-year film career. Kunchacko Boban says it is amazing to say that Shine has done 100 films in such a short span of time.
Vivekanandan viralaanu film directed by Kamal starring Shine Tom Chacko. ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu’ will hit the theaters on January 19. Swasika and Grace Antony are the heroines in the film. Chakochan praised Shine at the audio launch of the film. Shine’s 100th film Vivekanandan viralaanu goes viral.

For the first time in the New Year, I am coming to a movie function. Glad it’s Kamal sir’s movie. He is the director who has given me good movies, songs and characters. I know Shine from his time as co-director. Later he switched from assistant director to an actor.
After seeing Shine’s performance in the movie ‘Gaddama’, I called Shine. It was stuck in my mind. He has made the character the best. While Shine has finally come up with his 100th film, the truth is that in ten and twenty-seven years I am still only his 103rd film. Now Polly will become my senior. There is much more joy than that.’ Kunchako Boban said