ICC U19 World Cup 2020: New Zealand won hearts

IND vs NZ Live Score
IND vs NZ Live Score

The ICC Under 19 World Cup is currently being played in South Africa. The second quarterfinal match between New Zealand and West Indies in the tournament was a spectacular sight from Sportman Spirit. In this match on Wednesday, New Zealand won and entered the semi-finals.

In this match, the spectators stood applause for the two New Zealand players, captain Jesse Tashkoff and fast bowler Joey Fields, when both of them carried an injured player from the West Indies off the field. Explain that batsman Kirk McKenzie was injured in the 48th over of the West Indies innings.

The West Indies innings ended with McKenzie being dismissed. McKenzie suffered a cramp in the right leg and fell to the ground. However, he got up and was limping and returning to the pavilion. In fact, he was having difficulty walking due to the camp. They were trying to walk, but they were in severe pain due to the cramp. Captain Tashkoff and Zoe Field came forward seeing their problems. Both of them placed McKenzie on the shoulder and carried him to the outside of the field.

Earlier, McKenzie Cramp had retired heart scoring 99 runs in the 43rd over of the innings. But due to falling wickets at regular intervals, he had to come back to bat again. As the final wicket, McKenzie again landed for the batsmen, playing only one ball and bowled only on a personal score of 99. After this, the New Zealand players took him off the field with a shoulder.