I will never forgive those who did this, Tara Kalyan(Video)

Thara Kalyan Emotional Video Viral
Thara Kalyan Emotional Video Viral

Tara Kalyan reacts bitterly to the slanderous campaign against her on social media. Tara Kalyan has taken to social media to make a fake photo of a video taken at her daughter’s wedding. Tara said she hated the person who posted the photo and the people who posted it.

“A photo of me on social media has gone viral. Many people share it, comment and enjoy it. Do you know its background ?. Having no courage to do my daughter’s wedding alone, she joined the Lord and held the Guruvayurappan’s hand. e film has gone viral with a clip of a video clip that happened at some point during that wedding. Ask the man who posted it, Is your mind stone? Don’t you have a mother at home? Is this how you were raised? e person I was born with will never forgive you. Let my mother, who gave birth to you, come to me. Community media is good. ere is a lot of good stuff. But don’t do such things. at is the heartache of many. If you are happy that it has hurt me and my soul, then it is wrong. ere is a lot you can do to find happiness. Let me tell those who posted this, those who spread it, commented and celebrated it, I hate you. Learn to consider being a woman. We are artists who have the same feeling as you. I am a mother. Here is a photo of my daughter’s wedding. “I won’t forgive you for this birth.” Here is a photo of my daughter’s wedding.


Taura Kalyan’s daughter Soubhagya got married on February 20. Soubhagya’s marriage to Arjun
Somashekaran was at the Guruvayur Temple. e wedding ceremonies were according to the Tamil
Brahminical custom.
Arjun and Saubhagya have been friends for over 10 years. Arjun fell in love with Soubhagya while he was
a student at a dance school run by Tara Kalyan. Arjun and Soubhagya, who is also a tattoo artist, has
performed the dance.