I will love you till the end of mine and yours !! Nazriya’s words are viral


Nazriya fahadh  is a star who has made quite a few movies but hit all the films. Nazriya is the star of the Malayalees in their home, and the new star posted about her love for her beloved puppy.

nazriya with orio

The star shared the words of the star’s puppy’s birthday on social media. On the fifth birthday of Nazriya’s puppy, also known as Orio, Nazriya made it clear that she was very happy with Orio’s birthday.

nasriya with her oreo

Nazriya shared a picture of a baby-sitting Oreo, who shared the birthday wishes of the best kid in the world and that I will be with you.Nazriya said that he was full of heart and wished him the best birthday in the world. I will do anything to make you happy.

nazriya oreo