‘I will be selfish if I think about cricket, IPL’: Harbhajan Singh

Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh does not want to think too far ahead and speak about the IPL even as the country is facing a lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic. “Honestly in this time, cricket does not come in my mind in the past 15 days. Cricket is a very small thing in front of the country. I will be selfish if would be thinking about cricket and IPL. Our priority should healthy and fit India. Sports will only take place if we stay safe and healthy. Cricket is not even in my thoughts,” Harbhajan told ANI.

“It is time to stay united and try to do whatever little you can do to make this country back on its feet”, he added.

Harbhajan also voiced his concern about the plight of the migrant labourers who have been forced to leave the cities in order to reach their homes. As per him, government should have arranged something for them before the lockdown was announced.

“I think the situation of the migrant labourers should be kept in mind before making the announcement. They don’t have the home to stay, food to eat, and job to earn. The government should have taken care of that and assured them that they will get food and money. But now they want to travel back to there home. It is very disturbing how the things have been handled,” Singh said.

“Nobody has ever thought the condition will become that severe and cities will be locked down. Things changed so rapidly that even the government did not get time to think about them. I hope we have time to take decisions smartly for the safety of the citizens. I understand why people want to go their home because they want to be with their own people,” he added.