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I was really sad when I saw that picture, Aristo Suresh!

Aristo Suresh about Marriage

Aristo Suresh is an actor who has become a favorite of Malayalees with his single ‘Action Hero Biju’. The actor’s performance in the film and the song sung by the actor were very impressive. Later, the actor got a chance in other films. The star has gained a lot of fans since she appeared as a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss which aired on Asianet. It was through the show that the fans came to know more about the star. The actor had made it clear that he had a love affair but had a goal in mind and that he would think about marriage only after fulfilling it.


But recently, a picture of Aristo Suresh’s girlfriend with a star, mother, and woman was widely circulated on social media. The actor is now revealing the truth behind the film. When that picture first spread on social media, I was really upset. The girl who was with him and his mother was his friend. Some people spread the image of a friend who came to see his mother. That came as a huge shock to me.

I have openly said that I have a crush and that I will get married. But I did not specify who it was. Seeing such fake propaganda sometimes brings laughter and other times sadness. The actor once again made it clear that his biggest goal is to become a director and that he will get married only after that happens.

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