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I was personally harassed; GP again about the wedding news

Last week, the whole of Kerala was in doubt as to whether the marriage between presenter Govind Padmasuriya and actress Divya Pillai was over. A picture of the couple in their wedding attire on the reality show ‘ Mr. and Mrs. ‘ on Zee Kerala Channel went viral on social media and later became big news. The GP came up with the explanation within hours that this was something that happened as part of the show’s finale but fans were again sceptical. Now, after the finale of the show, the actor has given another explanation through his YouTube channel. In the video, Govind says that he did not think that something he did as part of a skit against the headless rumours circulating on social media would come against him.”It was a skit that was part of the grand finale of the show. It’s a skit about how the news on social media misleads us. I fully believed that it would be understood, but I never dreamed that the footage taken by someone during the shoot on a mobile phone would spread like this without even the logo of the channel, ”says GP.

Govind says that he would misunderstand. In the video, the actor says that he became a victim of the situation he wanted to convey to the people through his skit. The actor also explains that when the film went viral, it was distorted in a way he did not expect, and he could not react at first because of the anxiety he felt.”I still do not understand who’s benefited from this, and I do not think it will help the reality show or its finale or ratings because of the spread of a photo and its news online. Then what’s the benefit? I personally do not understand what the benefit is.

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