I want to get married as soon as possible ,Swasika says no interested to Living Together

Swasika is a star who came through the mini screen and shined in the cinema with strong characters. Swasika is often in the news by responding to criticisms and trolls precisely. Swasika is an actress who does not hesitate to speak her opinion. A few days ago, Swasika was controversial when she said that her husband should be less dominating. Swasika then said that even if her husband denies her freedom, she is not worried. Now the actor is opening his mind about marriage.

‘Marriage should be done anyway. I have a terrible compulsion to get married. I love having someone with me. He was never afraid of marriage. Friends say that they are afraid. But I’m not like that. I want to get married as soon as possible. Its things are going on. There is no girl to be seen. Neither is an arranged marriage. It will be love marriage.

I have no interest in Living Together. They want it to be traditional like the way their father and mother got married. The way my grandmother got married is cool. Will get married at night. The check will be on the other side. They cross the river, while the grandmother waits with the lamp. Now there is no such marriage. That’s what I want too. He should come through Muvatupuzha. How to row a canoe I don’t know if this will happen’, Swasika said.