‘I understand Siddique’s change, but why did Bhama do it?’ Actress Revathi

Revathi against Bhama
Revathi against Bhama

Actress Revathi reacts in the background during the trial of the case where the actress was attacked. “It is understandable that Siddique changed his mind but no such move was expected from Bhama’s side,” Revathi said on Facebook.Happy Birthday to Revathi Revathi, who was amazing with Nandini and Bhanu

It is a pity that even colleagues in the film industry cannot be trusted to read Revathi’s post. Despite working together for so many years and sharing a lot of good times, some people back off when it comes to the subject of a ‘woman’. I have no memory of that friendship and of working together. It is not surprising that Idavela Babu and Bindu Panicker changed their statements in court in the case of the attack on the actress in 2017, which is very popular but has become a topic of discussion today. None of them expected more of it. Now Siddique and Bhama. You can understand why Siddique translated it. But Bhama? Bhama, who was loyal to the actress, has also changed her statement to the police. The actress has been fighting for justice for so long despite such hardships. No one understands the suffering in their lives and family in the name of filing a complaint against what happened to them. To remember the people who are still with her and with her.


The director had come on the scene to support the actress who was attacked earlier. “It is not surprising that the senior actor and the heroine have defected. By taking a pro-atrocity stance, they too are morally becoming pro-crime. Yet supporters will line up secretly and openly. They think that the legal system and the public can be deceived forever. Whatever the fate of this case, it will remain with the victim until the doors of the final legal framework are closed. # Only with her. “- About Aashiq Abu’s wife Actress Rima Kallingal was also critical of the incident.