I have never insulted Suresh Gopi ; RLV Ramakrishnan

RLV Ramakrishnan said that he did not try to insult Suresh Gopi. RLV clarified that when Suresh Gopi was invited for the dance program, he was left out because he took another one on the same day. After a while, I spoke to an actor. All parties supported it. I went to Victoria College at the invitation of KSU. He also said that the BJP is with him. Ramakrishnan responded when he came to watch the film ‘Kuruvipappa’. KuruvipaPpa is a film starring Tanha Fathima as the female lead. RLV Ramakrishnan came to watch the film in solidarity with Tanha Fathima.

The team celebrated with RLV by cutting a cake with the picture of Ramakrishna with the note ‘In solidarity. ” Meanwhile, RLV Ramakrishnan spoke about not going to present the show when Suresh Gopi called him. He was talking to a reporter on the phone. The reporter who called Suresh Gopi put it on the loudspeaker. But in an interview given to another media, Ramakrishnan also answers the question of why Kalabhavan Mani’s brother’s chance to enter the film industry was delayed. Ramkrishna said that at that time he was in the field of dance and that was what he was interested in and that he did not think that cinema was the end of everything.
However, RLV Ramakrishnan says that he had to be encouraged by Mani’s friends in the film industry and when a person leaves, the family has to be supported and shaded by those in the field. Ramakrishnan says that he doesn’t want a chance to dance, he wants to give a chance to the film and raise his hand. At the same time, Kalamandalam Sathyabhama’s racial and casteist slur has come under severe criticism. Political, social and film personalities have come out in support of RLV. There is still a paradox that boys are not allowed to learn and research Mohiniyattam dance in Kalamandakalam, Kerala. RLV Ramakrishnan says that girls have recently had the opportunity to learn Kathakali. Ramakrishnan also said that he has been denied a stage in many places where there is a rule as to why men play Mohiniyattam. But Ramakrishnan also shared his happiness that he was getting many other opportunities in parallel.