I have been cheated by 25 people.. My dignity is gone, says Actress Srireddy

Actress Srireddy has said that 25 people have cheated me and I am very upset. Actress Srireddy created a storm in the film industry by publicly accusing the film industry of inviting actresses to bed for shooting. For that, she also engaged in a half-naked protest and became very popular on social media Actress Srireddy posted #METOO complaints on the social media page.

Actress Srireddy made a series of complaints against not only the Telugu film industry but also director AR Murugadoss, Raghava Lawrence, actor Srikanth, Vishal and others. But the people involved claimed that actress Srireddy was doing this for publicity. In this case, actress Srireddy, in a recent interview, said that I took off my shirt and staged a half-naked protest.

I don’t know how I took off my shirt and protested in front of so many people, as I had not even changed my clothes before my mother. My mother, father and brother are not talking to me and I am very upset. My mother looked after me and brought me up without any worries. When mom sleeps with her feet on top, all worries fly away. But, it turned out to be a dream, and I think about that moment often and feel sad inside.

Those who come to act in cinema should not come to act in glamor roles. Listen to mom. I have cheated on 25 people. All of them are great directors, actors, producers and writers in cinema. The only thing I say to young actresses is that if the story calls for it, you should be charismatic. Audio launch party, photo shoot doesn’t need all glamor. Actress Srireddy said that it is very shameful if you think of me.