‘I feels ashamed of being your admirer’; Wamiqa to Kangana

Actress Wamiqa Gabbi speaks out against Kangana Ranaut . She came to Malayalam through Punjabi actress Wamikha Goda. Wamikha came out against Kangana’s tweets related to the farmers’ strike. He was once a fan of Kangana. Wamikha says she is ashamed of this today. Wamikha says it is sad that Kangana has become a woman full of hatred.

” once their aradhikayayirunnu. Now it seems a shame that I liked them. Hindu means love itself. But if Ravana enters the body then man will sometimes be like this. It hurts to see you become such a woman full of hatred, anger and pride, ”Wamiqa tweeted.

But Kangana Ranaut came to the scene with this response. Kangana Ranaut’s response was to block Wamikha on Twitter. Wamikha also replied to this. Glad Kangana blocked him. He would have been upset if they had responded to the tweets as they did to women before. Wamikha’s response was that he was happy to be like this. “May God bless you to change your hatred and fill your heart with love,” she said.