I do not understand what they mean when we ask why we do not respond in every rape case!

Rima Kallingal's Post about Hathras Incident!

Rima Kallingal is a well-known actress in the Malayalam cinema. Although the actress has been away from the film since her marriage to director Aashiq Abu, she is very active on social media. The actor also shares his views on any social issue with the audience through social media. The actress who wants the upliftment of women mostly shares posts that motivate women. Now, Rima has also clarified her stance on the issue of the girl’s body being cremated by the police in Hathras the previous day.

Rima Kallingal Images

The actor shared his photo with the policemen standing next to the girl’s body. Kurup’s full version reads, ‘In all rape cases when people ask why we women do not respond, I wonder what they mean. What should we say ..? Did we imagine the horror the girl was going through? Did we cry and call friends? Are we emotionally afraid? Do we feel insecure and scared? Every time we type hashtags, do we stop doing it and stare at the screen? I don’t have hashtags. ‘


Rima Kallingal made her film debut in 2009 with Shyamaprasad’s Ritu. Later, the actor got the opportunity to do several films. Rima also won the 2012 Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in Nidra and 22 Female Kottayam.

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