I did not even have clothes to wear to school!

Anushka Sharma about Past

The same support that Bollywood stars get in the world of Hindi cinema is being given to Malayalees here in Kerala. Malayalees are always more interested to know the specialties of Bollywood stars. Anushka Sharma is a star who has many such fans. The actor quickly gained a place in the minds of the audience with his acting and pure acting.


After falling in love with cricketer Virat Kohli, the actor has become a regular in the news. Fans are always interested to know their specialties. The wedding of the two was celebrated by the fans. Now the star couple is waiting for their first eye. Now Anushka Sharma’s remarks in an interview are gaining attention again.


The actor said that his family faced a major financial crisis as a child and his parents did not even have the money to buy enough clothes at that time. Participating in school competitions etc. The actor openly said that he had participated in the competitions by wearing the clothes made by his mother as he did not have money to buy new clothes. Anushka also revealed that she has struggled a lot to raise herself.

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