I Burst Into Tears Seeing Raju’s Appearance, Says Mallika Sukumaran


Aadujeevitham directed by Blessy with Prithviraj as the lead is a much-awaited film by the audience. This is the film adaptation of the Malayalam bestselling novel. Prithviraj comes in a shocking makeover in the film. Its pictures were very popular. Mother Mallika Sukumaran says that she burst into tears after seeing Prithviraj’s makeover in the film. Mallika said this in an interview given to online media.

These are the words of Mallika. Then Raju said that there is another picture which is not showing me. Almost ten and thirty kilos reduced. There was only bone. And with it a long and grown beard. He hasn’t shown me any really poor stills. I couldn’t bear what I saw until then. Prithviraj himself has said that he will not lose that much weight again. He suffered so much. No one else will. Blessy’s big dream is Aadujeevitham. I am praying that that dream will come true with all the blessings. Mallika says. For 14 years now, director Blessy has been working on Adu Jivett. The shooting lasted for 160 days. The film was completed in four and a half years.