Gayathri Suresh Share Her Boy Friend Name


Gayathri Suresh is an actress who entered Malayalam cinema as Kunchacko Boban’s heroine. But the acceptance received in the first film was not received later in Malayalam cinema. The actor was confined to very few films. Later Gayatri was mostly made famous by trolls. Gayathri often became a victim of trolls. In any given interview, with Gayathri’s few words in it, people tend to pay more attention and it leads to trolls. Gayatri said that she is in love with actor Pranav Mohanlal and wants to get married, which caused the trolls. Along with that, Gayatri also issued a statement saying that trolls should be stopped.

Gayatri Suresh

Now some things Gayathri says in an interview are gaining attention. Gayatri was asked if anyone said that adjustments should be made in the film. Usually, the answers given by the actresses to such questions are that I have not had any experience with the film.But Gayathri was very open about her experience. The actor has admitted that he has received offers saying that he has to make adjustments. Earlier, the actor had spoken about this in an interview.

Gayathri Suresh

Gayatri replied that no one is forcing us. Gayathri had replied in many interviews that she had indeed faced such a thing. Many people came to appreciate Gayatri’s comment. How many heroines would be willing to open up like this You are a good woman. People have commented on it saying that it is for Janu. Gayatri Suresh speaks openly about anything.

Gayathri Suresh