I am happy to be single now. I will get married if I gets someone who is accepted by everyone, Nandini

Nandini is an actress who has seen acting in both Malayalam and foreign languages, and now the actor has opened up about taking a break from films and being single in an interview. He never took a break from films, I had some health problems and therefore could not do films. And Malayalam language is not good enough for me. But I like to act in Malayalam cinema.

But within a year I am acting in a Malayalam film, she has committed to two films now, says Nandini. But about being single, the actress also says that her marriage is a question that is asked in many interviews, but I find that question cool. I don’t think there is an age limit for marriage, says the actress

The star says that I am getting married because it is my choice and not the society’s choice. I am happy to be single now. Nandini says that she will get married if she gets someone who is accepted by everyone