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How true is the saying “Behind every successful man is a woman”.Lets check for Mammootty when he is turning 70


Just before one of Kerala’s most famous symbols, hotshot Mammootty’s 70th birthday celebration, would we be able to say that the good adage of “behind every successful man is a woman” is true? Investigated, it seems it’s valid for actor Mammootty . Even though examinations between his curve screen rival Mohanlal are regularly made, in the last investigation, Mammootty beats Mohanlal just barely.

Mammootty in his first film

Even though it very well may be sheer happenstance, that Mammootty’s first film in 1971 ‘Anubhavengel Pallichekel’, ended up being early showing symbol Sathyan’s last, it was not until 1980, that Mammootty was seen in ‘Vilkanundo Swapnangel’, scripted by another legend M.T.Vasudevan Nair.

Last month, ‘Mammukka’ finished 50 years in the business. A look into the actor’s career reveals that it was after his marriage with Sulfath in 1979, that his acting profession truly took off.

Sulfath Kutty and Mammootty

Mammootty, all the more prevalently known as Mammukka to all, seen his profession chart take a vertical transform after Sulfath came into his life and his star run has proceeded with unabated throughout the long term.

In 1979, his first undeniable job as a lead entertainer in ‘Vilkanundo Swapnangel’ charmed the movies. Mammootty has had zero excuses to think back since and has done more than 400 movies in Malayalam and other South Indian dialects other than in English and Hindi. The ‘remarkable individual’ has won three National Film Awards for Best Actor, seven Kerala State Film Awards, and 13 Filmfare Awards South. In 1998, the Government of India granted him the Padma Shri for his commitments to the workmanship.

Actor Mammootty

Unexpectedly it was after Mammootty moved base from Chennai to Kochi on a super durable premise during the last part of the 90s, did his stock as a symbol of the state began to develop and today it has arrived at the zenith as he is one of the most pursued characters be it by any state government here or something else.

The entertainer since the time he accepted the charge as the administrator of the TV channel when it was dispatched during the nineties, has set up his position in the field of media as well, and he keeps on holding the post.


Since the Covid pandemic broke out and keeps on seething into its subsequent year, Mammootty has had no deficiency of movies and a couple of his movies are at different phases of creation and notwithstanding his age, all makers would make a shortcut to sign him.

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