How to book Liquor through Bev Q app

Bev Q app on mobile phones The app will be available on Playstar today. With the official approval of the Bewque App, bookings begin tomorrow. The sale of alcohol will begin on Thursday. The sales will be based on the token number received by the booking.

The beta version of WhatsApp has been approved by Google this morning. Alcohol sales will be available after the trials. Guidelines will also be released for customers regarding the usage pattern of the app.

The mobile app will be made available in the Play Store and App Store. Virtual queues can also be booked via SMS from normal phones. The booking must be done by entering your name, phone number and the location (along with the place name, zip code and location). No personal details asked for. The brand of alcohol cannot be picked up in the first place by the App. At the time of booking, the token number mentioned in the booking list should be produced at the center. There you can choose the brand and pay. Alcohol can be booked once in 4 days.