‘How beautifully Kalidas portrays Sathaar in puppet stories; Ranjith Shankar praises Kalidas Jayaram

Kalidas Jayaram is a beloved young actor of Malayalees and Tamil Nadu. Kalidas is shocking the audience with different emotions this year. Kalidas portrayed the youthful character of Jayaram as Dr. Rajeev in the movie Putham Puthukalai which was released this year. Sathaar is currently working on another Tamil anthology film, Thankam in Pava Kathaikal.

Kalidas has put on an amazing performance as a transgender character. Kalidas Jayaram has received rave reviews from fans, film stars and directors alike. Kalidas has spoken openly about the character and the preparations made for it. Kalidas had said that he had made a lot of preparations for the role and that he had sat and talked with transgender characters all day and that he had gone into severe depression after hearing everything.

‘I met Kalidas last year. Then it was said that he was going to take a break from movies and go to the USA. He is back, what a beautiful presentation of Sathaar in the Paava Kadhaigal. I remember talking to a lot of people for Mary. Congratulations Kalidas’ director Ranjith Shankar shared a picture of Sathaaron Instagram. Ranjith Shankar is the director who directed the movie I am Marykutty with Jayasurya in the lead.

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