Hopefully, China’s COVID vaccine will arrive in the first week of November

The number of Kovid patients in the world has crossed 2.94 crores. Tests for Kovid vaccines continue in many countries. Meanwhile, there are reports that China’s Kovid vaccine may arrive in November.
Officials at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it would be ready for use by the public as early as November.

China’s four Kovid vaccines are in the final stages of clinical trials. Three of these have already been offered to those in need by July. Guisen Wu, a CDC chief biosafety expert, said the third phase of trials was progressing smoothly and the vaccines would be available to the public by November or December. Wu said he took an experimental vaccine of his own last April and did not experience any unusual symptoms in the following months. But they did not specify which vaccine it was for. Pharmaceutical giant Chena National Pharmaceutical Group (Synofarm) and Synovac Biotech SVO are developing three vaccines under an emergency plan. Cancino Biologics 6185. The fourth vaccine, developed by HKK, was approved in June. Synofom announced in July that the vaccine would be available to the public by the end of this year after the completion of the third phase of testing.

Ironically, China is not in a position to test the vaccines on the required scale at home because it’s been so successful at containing the spread of the virus within its borders.”All vaccine manufacturers are looking for sites for their phase three trials (in which the vaccine is given to thousands of people) where Covid-19 is still circulating at relatively higher rates,” Professor Ben Cowling from the Hong Kong University Public School of Health told me.
China has already confirmed it is involved in official, advanced trials of a vaccine on thousands of people in countries including the UAE, Peru, and Argentina.