Here CBSE schools will take pre-board examination twice

CBSE schools pre board exam

Schools remained closed due to Corona. The school studied online from home. The unique test, first and second term were also taken online, but now the tenth and 12th board examinees have to come offline in the pre board school itself. CBSE and ICSE schools have started preparations for this. Most of the schools are preparing the schedule for the pre-board itself. At the same time, special classes will be conducted by the school for the students who fail the pre-board. It should be known that all the exams were taken online this year. In such a situation, the school is skeptical about preparing for the board exam. 

The principal of DAV BSEB VS Ojha said that preparations for board exams are specially conducted. In addition to the weekly test, a random test is also taken. But it was not possible due to online studies. GJ Glastron, principal of St. Dominic Sovios High School, said that the prep board would give an accurate assessment of students’ preparation. 

Many schools divided the students into three groups: Many schools have formed a group of students to prepare for the board exams. It includes the best, better, and weaker students separately. Special attention is being paid to students who are slightly weak.

Pre-board will be held in December and January.
CBSE school will take pre-board twice. The first pre-board will be held in December and the second in January. In December, students who scored fewer marks in the pre-board will be run a 20-day special class in the school. After this, the pre-board will be taken again to bring confidence in the student. Loyela High School Principal Brother Sudhakar told that the candidate has to be prepared for the board examination. 

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