HBD Suresh Gopi | ‘Great person who doesn’t know to act in life’; Salim Kumar wishes Suresh Gopi

Great person who doesn't know to act in life Salim Kumar wishes Suresh Gopi
Great person who doesn't know to act in life Salim Kumar wishes Suresh Gopi

Salim Kumar felicitates actor Suresh Gopi for his birthday Actor Suresh Gopi, who has never been a star in his life, wishes him a happy birthday. He also noted that Suresh Gopi played a major role in creating a busy actor named Salim Kumar. Salim Kumar also shared that he had acted in Suresh Gopi’s film ‘Compartment’.

Suresh Gopi played a guest role in the film, where hegemonic children played the central roles. When asked about the payoff, Salim Kumar says, “I was delighted to hear that you are making a movie about these differently abled children. Then I spent a day with these children.Salim Kumar wished the almighty a long life and health to celebrate the birthday of the family.

My heartfelt birthday wishes to Suresh Gopi, a great man who never knew to act in life. Suresh Gopi played a big role in creating Salim Kumar, a busy actor. Its directors Rafi McCartney and producer Lal had chosen me for the film. I liked my performance in Viji Thampi’s Satyameva Jayate, which was released the previous day. Sureshtan, he only knew about me watching my TV shows.

“Compartment” was the first film I directed. The compartment was a theme that made autistic children the central characters. I invited Suresh to play a guest role in the film. When I was going to the shoot, I talked to him about the payoff. As a reward for acting in the film. Literally my eyes went out….

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