Has Tollywood director Naga Vamshi trolled ‘Avatar2’?


The much anticipated Hollywood blockbuster “Avatar: The Way of Water”  has finally been released all around the world, and the James Cameron production has been trending worldwide thanks to the fantastic praises that have been flooding social media. The director is claimed to have made the protagonists into a family and put more of an emphasis on the emotional drama with top-notch visual effects this time around, as opposed to the first part’s love narrative between the leads. The storyline of the movie is reportedly different from that of the first installment and features more visual wonder.

Thoughts on the movie have been expressed on social media by Tollywood director Naga Vamsi, who is responsible for some of the best recent hits including Pawan Kalyan’s “Bheemla Nayak,” Siddhu Jonnala’s “DJ Tillu,” and Naga Shaurya’s “Varudu Kavalenu.” He wrote, “James Cameron orders us to watch a Marine Biology documentary. And because it is 3D and him, it is a “Visual Spectacle”! All we are allowed to say is “Mastercraft” and “Blockbuster”, anything else, Na’vi won’t accept J J 😛 ”

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The moment the producer voiced his opinion, both supportive and critical responses poured in. While the movie saw remarkable attendance on opening day, it wasn’t received as well in certain of India’s southern regions.

Avatar: The Way of Water has received acclaim from critics and fans. With its debut on more than 12,000 screens in the US and Canada and 40,000 screens worldwide, the movie will be one of Disney’s most widely distributed films ever.  James Cameron directed and wrote the script of the movie.