Haryana Election Results 2019: Live Updates

Haryana Election 2019
Haryana Election 2019

Haryana Election Results 2019: Talking about the initial trend in 90 assembly seats in Haryana, the hung assembly is expected in the state at present. No party is yet to get a majority. At present, BJP is seen winning the maximum 41 seats in the state. At the same time, Congress is leading in 29 and JJP 10 seats. In such a situation, if the Jananayak Janata Party or JJP gives its support to any party, then it will be very easy for him to form a government. It is interesting here that Jananayak Janata Party has just maintained a state of suspicion. She has not opened her cards with whom she will support.

Let me tell you that if no party gets a majority after the final results by evening, then in fact, in Haryana, Janata Nayak Janata Party of Chautala will be the key to power. In Haryana, the other two parties BJP and Congress are claiming to form the government on their own. Former Chief Minister Bhupendra Hooda has said that the Congress is going to form the government. At the same time, BJP is also making the same claim.

Whom to support JJP

The biggest question is with whom JJP can support. It is being speculated that JJP is a party formed by the INLD and the INLD has previously supported the BJP. In such a situation, JJP may also prefer to go with the BJP. In lieu of this, she can ask for the post of Deputy Chief Minister of BJP.

On the one hand, where a picture of a hung assembly is being made in Haryana, in the meantime, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee President Kumari Selja has tweeted that the Congress is forming a government in the state. He said, “It is clear from the mandate of Haryana that public opinion has rejected BJP.” This is a moral defeat as well as BJP’s electoral defeat. Congress is going to form the government in the state. ”If the news is to be believed, then the Congress is also taking the option of support with the JJP.