Happy Birthday Suresh Gopi/ He made me as a busy actor; says Salimkumar


Salim Kumar, the beloved actor of Malayalam cinema, says Suresh Gopi made him a busy actor. The actor shared on Facebook that he was busy with the film ‘Tenkasipattanam’ and that it was the role of Satyameva Jayate who made her way.

My heartfelt birthday wishes to Suresh Gopi, a great man who never knew to act in life. Suresh Gopi played a major role in the creation of Salim Kumar, a busy actor. Its directors, Rafi Mecartin and producer Lal have chosen me for the film, and have liked my performance in the movie ‘Satyameva Jayate’ directed by Viji Thambi.

In this Satyameva Jayate, director Viji Thambi calls me to play the role of Suresh Chettan. Sureshtetan was not known to me until then. He was only familiar with my TV shows. Suresh Gopi, the big man who helped you reach Salimkumar from the thief in Satyamev Jayate today, was a little insightful.

‘Comfort’ was the first film I directed. It was a theme that made autism-prone children the central characters. I invited Sureshthene to do a cameo in the film. When I was about to leave, I talked to him about the payoff. “It was nice to know that you were making a movie about these differently-abled children. Then, spending a day with these kids today, I felt a sense of purpose and that was enough for me to be a part of this film.” Literally my eyes went out. My estimate is that 60 is the second child. On that count, today is Chetan’s first birthday. Sureshtetan celebrating his first birthday with a lot of birthdays.