Happy Birthday Ajith, You are a unique actor

South Indian film star Ajith’s birthday is on May 1. Earlier, the star had come out with a request to replace all the celebrations in the context of Kovid 19 Fans did not agree with the statement but did not deny it. Fans associations have reached out to the Common DP. Ajith was greeted by a large crowd including his fans and fans.

Ajith is full of social media. Many people from the movie world have greeted. Ajith was acting in the movie Valimai. In the meantime, the lockdown was announced. The shooting was halted. Directed by H Vinod, the movie is produced by Bony Kapoor. Fans were expecting a new update on Valimai on Ajith’s birthday. Meanwhile, Bonnie Kapoor’s tweet came to light.


All of them are in a fierce fight against the spread of coronavirus. Boni Kapoor has come to the conclusion that there is no promotion for the film at this time. In this case, PR work has been stopped. Ajith is playing the role of a police officer. It was also revealed that the movie will be the movie the audience is waiting for. Ajith started his film career at the age of 19. Amaravathi was the first movie. The actress has acted in several hit films. Vikram was the voice for Ajith in this film. 

After the movie, the actress was spotted on several occasions. Ajith became a hotbed of youth in the early 1990s. He also acted in romantic films. Wally (1999) won him his first Filmfare Award. He also acted in the Malayalam film Kandu Konden Kandu Konden, along with Mammootty of Malayalam. She later starred in films such as Dina, Citizen and Villain.

Ajith caught his attention while driving. He was reducing the number of films at this time. He also participates in Formula 3 racing cars in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. He did not want the opportunity in films including Ghajini. The star made a strong comeback in 2006. Billa was released in 2007. Mankatha was released as his 50th career. The actor said he was not interested in forming a fan association in his name. 

ajith-birthdayHe was the first to dissolve the fan association. He got his name when he starred in the movie Dinah. Afterwards, fans were left with Ajith. Early in the film, many actors refused to act with Ajith. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Looks Ahead The star said she was standing at the peak of fame. With this, Ajith has been removed from the film. But when Mammootty strongly advocated for him, the director and his team reversed that decision. That is how Tabu was paired with Ajith.

The picture of Ajith, who was standing beside Prashanthi with a garland of flowers, was circulated on social media. Prashant was once a hero. He entered the film with the image of Taraputhra. As the son of actor Thyagaraja, this star son was very supportive from the very beginning. Prashant, who made his debut on debut, was a bigger star than Ajith. Later, Ajith became a bigger star.