Guru Dr. Narottam Pujariji: A prolific name and figure in the niche domains of Vastu Shastra and Astrology.

Guruji’s innate skills and expertise has been beneficial to many millions bringing out great value addition to people’s life.

Astrology is an organized system of planet and stars placed by birth which enhances the positive vibes in one’s life. But it can only be accomplished truly if it is guided by an expert technician of the subject who knows everything pertaining to it. Astrology needs to be studied deeply with high qualification and can be mastered by experience. Astrology can change many lives immensely and has already brough about constructive changes in those people’s lives who have implanted the teaching and learnings. From celebrities to politicians to industrialists, everyone takes help of Astrology to excel in their lives blissfully.
Meet the person who has in-depth knowledge and is an ardent master of the niche domains of Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Horoscope – Guru Dr. Narottam Pujari who has helped and changed many lives with his profound knowledge. Guruji has completed M.A in Astrology at Jodhpur National University and also completed his Ph.D. from CMJ University, Meghalaya. Guruji is now serving his life as Pujari at Salasar Balaji Mandir. By reading the Vedic books of Guruji, many people have brought about drastic changes in their perception towards life which has enabled them to pour immense knowledge in their life systems. Guruji has also been a recipient of many awards and accolades for his effortless work.
Astrology is a part of human life which one cannot deny it. With proper guidance one can study their future struggle, ups-down of life, in fact their own personality too can be studied through Astrology and horoscope which definitely results in increasing will power of a person and give them confidence to move on in life. Even marriages are also done by studying the place of stars and planets of two individuals whether they will set in their life happily or not and also about their future child and it is very helpful for starting a new life.
Likewise Astrology and Vastu Shastra also perform specific roles in human life. The placement of house and work area definitely affects humans life especially in growing in life and health factors. Some land is beneficial, and some may cause adverse effect in life. So it’s very important to study the place and area properly before settling. An expert of vastu shastra like Guruji can definitely guide correctly. Perfect place according to vastu which study all four-side direction of sun rise and sun set which help in improving health, prosperity, peace and happiness.
An expert like Guruji can definitely help massive people with experience and knowledge. Most importantly Astrology connects to God in many ways and with proper guidance under a great personality like Guru Dr. Narottam Pujari, one can find peace and solace for sure.