Gulf countries to monitor medical examination of expatriates’ homeland

Gulf countries to monitor medical examination of expatriates' homeland
Gulf countries to monitor medical examination of expatriates' homeland

GCC countries decide to monitor health check-ups of expatriates coming to the Gulf. For this, the Gulf countries will appoint a special health committee. At present, expatriates are required to produce examination certificates from hospitals recognized by the Gulf countries. This is to ensure that people with contagious diseases do not come. Most expatriates still have medical check-ups when they arrive here. However, the Gulf has decided to take the medical examination of expatriates coming to the Gulf in the context of the coronavirus more seriously. This will ensure that they are employed in suitable jobs.India reaches number 5 in case of deaths

In 2016, the GCC Foreign Ministers decided to co-operate with the expatriate health screening electronically and to end their association with health centers not accredited by the Gulf Health Council.

According to statistics from various countries, the vast majority of coronavirus victims and deaths are expatriates. The majority of those at home and abroad, both acute and chronic, have succumbed to chronic diseases. It is in this context that it is advisable for expatriates to closely monitor the medical examinations conducted in the country.corona virus

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has been confirmed in 7,76,664 people in six Gulf countries as of Tuesday. Of these, 6,490 died. 7,17,591 people were cured. Saudi Arabia – 3,26,930, Qatar – 1,22,214, Kuwait – 96,301, Oman – 90,660, UAE – 80,266 and Bahrain – 60,965. Saudi Arabia has the highest death toll. So far 4,305 people have died. The death toll was 797 in Oman, 568 in Kuwait, 399 in the UAE, and 213 in Bahrain.