Greetings to Arya,Veena, Elena and Fukru prepare a surprise in Dubai

Arya’s birthday news is all over social media. Other Bigg Boss friends Veena, Alena, and Fukru had prepared a surprise for Arya’s birthday. Elena and Fukru gave a surprise to Arya, who was in Dubai for stage shows. Veena Nair, who lives in Dubai with her family, was the main organizer.
Arya, Veena, Alena, Fukru, Reshma, and Rajith Kumar are the stars who got attention through the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 show. After the show, Veena went to Dubai. As a result, Veena was not able to attend any of the occasional meetings or photoshoots with other contestants who came to her hometown. Veena is now settling all these grievances.
Arya is currently in Dubai for stage shows. Veena and her friends have turned this time into a birthday celebration for their best friend. Veena made Arya’s birthday memorable. Arya’s birthday is on the 13th. Veena and the company were celebrating Arya’s birthday before leaving Dubai. Alena and Fukru doubled their happiness when they arrived in Dubai with a surprise for Arya. At the celebration held at Veena Nair’s flat in Dubai, Bigg Boss’s teammates came and presented a surprise.


Veena said the two had arrived in Dubai the day before and completed the COVID tests. Arya’s birthday party was brought to the audience through a video shared on Veena’s YouTube channel. In the celebration, Arya emotionally says this surprise party is the best ever moment in my life.