Google Not Compromising On Sundar Pichai’s Salary Despite Cost Cutting


Google without compromising CEO Sundar Pichai’s salary despite massive layoffs According to a new filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sundar Pichai’s pay package also includes equity income of around $218 million. This is more than 800 times the salary of the average employee. A few months ago, Google laid off around 12,000 employees as part of a cost-cutting drive. The pay gap comes as Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is cutting jobs globally after hundreds of Google employees walked out of the company’s London offices earlier this month following a dispute over layoffs.

His salary for the past three years has been $2 million. According to the SEC filing, Sundar Pichai has been awarded a three-year stock award worth $218 million. Pichai was paid $6.3 million in the previous year when he did not receive a stock award. Pichai’s pay package in 2022 is significantly higher than other executives at Alphabet. For example, Chief Business Officer Philip Schindler and Google’s Senior Vice President of Knowledge and Information Prabhakar Raghavan each receive about $37 million. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat received $24.5 million.