Get Ready For The Ultimate Phone Experience K-Phone Set To Wow The World

The dream of ‘Internet for all’ is a reality Kunna K-Phone project will be inaugurated on June 5. 20 lakh economically backward families in the state Fast interns for free for others and at moderate rates for others. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that this facility will be available through K-Phone. saidCurrently, about 18,000 government institutions have access to the Internet through K-Phone. Done. Complete basic facilities to provide connectivity to 7000 households Fired up. Out of which 748 connections were given. Efforts to build a knowledge-based New Kerala The Chief Minister said that K-Phone will become a foundational scheme.

K-Phone Project Left Against Corporate Powers in Telecom Sector There is also a popular alternative to Tusarkar. Exploitation by private cable networks and mobile service providers The plan is to ensure that there is no chance of Numbered. The K-Phone scheme is required to provide basic infrastructure services. Maya Category 1 License for Professional Internet Services Lcan Internet Service Provider Category B Unified License The Chief Minister added that it was immediately available.