Gauthami Nair’s Quarantine Experience

Gauthami Nair about her Covid experience

The single film Diamond Necklace is enough to remind the audience of actress Gautami. The actress, who was noticed from the beginning with her rustic beauty, soon gained a place in the minds of the audience. Gautami has now revealed that Covid has confirmed to the star that he has recovered from his illness. It was through his Instagram that the actor recovered from his illness and opened up about his experience during the Covid era. Gautami’s post reads.

Gauthami Nair

So, the unimaginable happened. I got tested for corona but now I’m finally negative and done with my 21 days! My sister got infected with me as well in the process 😬. The first thing I need to mention is how nurses and social workers from the Health center’s kept calling us daily to make sure that we were in good health, our symptoms were in check, and all of that. We weren’t showing any severe symptoms. Both of us kept having a severe headaches, it was like having a migraine but it wouldn’t go for me after taking medicines.

They seemed to work for my sister and honestly if I had not been listed as a primary contact, I wouldn’t even know that I was infected with the virus and god alone knows how many people I would infect, by mistake, due to my lack of awareness. So if you feel weird in anyway please go get yourself tested. It’s not worth the risk for you or others! Also, along with corona I had a rather interesting time during my isolation which I’ve written about in my new blog post ! More like spooky encounters.

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