Gas leakage at Drug Factory in Visakhapatnam Two died and 4 were hospitalized !!

In the private pharmaceutical company’s unit in Andhra Pradesh Two workers died after leaking gas. Four people have been admitted to hospital. The gas leak occurred at the Saylor Life Sciences Pharma Company at Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City in Visakhapatnam. Reports say that the accident was caused by the leaking of benzimidazole gas.
The incident occurred around 11pm on Monday.


By this time the factory had about thirty employees. Six people breathed gas and were in trouble. The deceased are Narendra and Gauri Shankar. The condition of one of the people in the hospital is critical. Meanwhile, Paravada police station inspector Udayakumar told the news agency ANI that the gas had not spread elsewhere.

The cause of the gas leak is unclear. The preliminary conclusion is that the technical error caused the accident. Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s office said the factory was closed as a precautionary measure.

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