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One of the 17 contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is Krishna Jeev. But nobody understands the name. Just seems like a common name. But say Fukru. The look on the face of the listener will have a familiar look. Sometimes you may ask, ‘Is that the boy you see in the ticktock’? During this social media season, no one knows Fukru. But few know that Fakru is Krishnajeev. Fukrou has a lot to offer, including a bike stunter, a DJ and a tic-tac-toe. Fukru started at Dubs Mash. He started acting like he was ‘out of sight’. Tikko came after. Fukru was a flashlight in Tektok when he used his own sound and sound without the harshness of the old Tektok videos. Thus, 23-year-old Krishnajeev, a Fukru, began to create revolution in Tektok.

The song started with Kunchacko Boban singing ‘One Plus One’. Fukru’s shoulder twitching soon went viral in Tektok. And Fukrui is the star of Tiktok. More than six lakhs of followers … There is another story behind Krishnajeev Fukruva, the Kottarakkara. ITI study and bike stunting are a great time. KRU, the bike number for Krishna Jeevan, a bike-stuntman, starts. Whenever everyone called Crew Crew and fucked it. And the same name in Tiktok. Now, when it comes to what Tik Tak is saying, Fakru, things are coming up. Chetan Amal Jeev, Amma Tara, Achan Rajeev are all supporting Krishna’s dreams. In any case, we have to wait and see what the future holds for Fukru in Bigg Boss.

Fukru Biography