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Fugitive Indian godman Nithyananda sets up own ‘Hindu sovereign nation

Even as the Gujarat Police is searching for questionable godman, Hindu Nithyananda, in associate degree alleged case of capture and wrongful confinement of kids to form them collect donations from followers to run his ashram in Ahmedabad, an internet site named Kailaasa.org has popped up suggesting that he has supported his own country and designed its flag, constitution, and emblem. The website declared that the fugitive godman has declared a ‘Hindu sovereign nation’ and even includes a cupboard beside a first-rate Minister.

It has conjointly entailed donations for the country and thru it, a chance to achieve citizenship of the “greatest Hindu nation”, Kailasa. According to cyber consultants, the web site was created on Oct twenty-one, 2018 and it had been last updated on Oct ten, 2019. the web site has been registered in Panama with its science situated in US’s Dallas. However, it’s however not clear wherever the ‘Kailasa’ nation is found. however, the web site explains: “Kailaasa may be a nation without borderlines created by


roofless Hindus from round the world WHO lost the proper to observe Hinduism genuinely in their own countries.”

However, several reports purpose that it’s on a personal island that he allegedly bought from the Republic of Ecuador and is close to the island and Tobago. “Though the Kailaasa movement is based within us, and spearheaded by members of the Hindu Adi Shaivite minority community, it’s created for, and offers a secure haven to any or all the world’s active, aspiring or persecuted Hindus, no matter race, gender, sect,


caste, or creed, wherever they’ll peacefully live and categorical their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference, and violence,” it read. The new nation offers AN enlightened living for all of humanity that is unmoving within the principle of Advaita or indistinguishability. It additionally offers a temple-based scheme, science of pineal eye, yoga and meditation and gurukul education system. According to the web site, the Hindu nation additionally has its flag referred to as ‘Rishabha Dhvaja’, that options Hindoo Nithyananda himself, in conjunction with Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

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