Frozen yogurt Dosa Is The Latest Fusion Food, And Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra Gives It ‘Full Marks’


Amarnath Chats which is a road nourishment slow down from Bengaluru made another combination nourishment out of the unassuming South Indian dish, consolidating it with frozen yogurt.

From chocolate panipuri to dal makhani fondue, combination nourishments are found in abundance wherever we go. Detest them or love them, you can’t overlook them. The most creative of combination nourishments are found in the most far-fetched of corners. Road nourishment proprietors are happy to explore different avenues regarding a wide range of dishes and blends to draw clients, and hence, eyeballs via web-based networking media. One such dosa-slow down Amarnath Chats from Bengaluru made another combination nourishment out of the modest South Indian dish

While chocolate dosa is as yet ordinary and can be handily discovered, slow down proprietor Manjunath increased his road nourishment game an indent and attempted to imagine another dessert dosa.The dosa is cooked with alternatives of frozen yogurt being slathered on the dosa, or as discrete scoops close by the dish. It is additionally splashed in chocolate sauce before being served to the clients. Agent Anand Mahindra attempted it and shared the video of the extraordinary arrangement on his Twitter handle, giving the slow down proprietor ‘full imprints’ for advancement.