From the tiny house to the luxury home, the singer shared her happiness


Neha Kakkar is one of India’s newest singers. Neha made her debut as a contestant on the TV reality
show Indian Idol. Later in the year, she rose to become the judge of the same reality show. Neha was
born into a poor family in Rishikesh. Neha also shares the story of Samosa selling out to help her
parents at a young age.


Now, Neha has shared her happiness with owning a new luxury bungalow.
This is the new bungalow I own in Rishikesh. The one in the next picture is the one room house where I
was born. The kitchen and dining room of the house was a table my mother enjoyed. The little boy was
not our own. It was a rented house. Now, years later, I get emotional when I see my new bungalow in
the same city