From Ahaana’s Maldives vacay to Kaniha’s childhood – here are the Viral celebrity Pics of the week


This week was loaded up with energizing updates from celebs and their up and coming motion pictures. While Kaniha shared some intriguing return pictures from her youth days, Bhavana shared a stunning minute from her own life. In the interim, ‘Luca’ on-screen character Ahaana Krishna was on vacay mode and the diva’s photos are really aww-commendable. From Kaniha’s youth picture to Ahaana’s Maldives vacay vibes, here are the best superstar photos of the week that you should not miss.

‘Mamangam’ entertainer Kaniha strolled through a world of fond memories as she discovered a portion of her youth pictures from her own collection. The exquisite on-screen character shared how it felt being a 80s child. From lil Kaniha sitting on a stick seat to another where she is clutching a delicate toy – these image of the on-screen character are unadulterated gold. Edited hair, little hoops, bindi, and her blameless grin are too adorable to ever be missed.

The National Award-winning on-screen character Surabhi Lakshmi is a tremendous style sweetheart. Surabhi’s style decisions, particularly with regards to ethnic outfits, merit a commendation. This week the diva was in a disposition to display ethnic outfits and was snapped in a shocking striped red saree. Surabhi glances ethereal in the group which she adorned with oxidized silver gems. Surabhi Lakshmi was for sure an incredible sight.

Bhavana praised her second wedding commemoration this week. Bhavana and Naveen got married on 22 January 2018, and it has been a long time since they began their sentimental excursion. Naveen is a film maker of Kannada films. Bhavana shared an image of the Saptapadi service from her big day. The custom is representative of the seven pledges.

‘Luca’ on-screen character Ahaana Krishna is on vacay mode. The cutie is getting a charge out of recreation time in the quiet waters of Maldives. From displaying her fit physique to attempting new things like scuba jumping, Ahaana is getting a charge out of all of her vacation. From pausing dramatically for the camera in the blue waters to the submerged show, Ahaana’s photos from the tropical heaven are genuinely engaging. Ahaana Krishna’s OOTD and the pausing dramatically in the blue water ought not be missed!