Footprints of Neil Armstrong’s seen on moon’s surface even after 53 years


NASA released some videos from the moment Neil Armstrong made history by being the first person to walk on the moon on the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. On the moon, his footprints may still be seen. The mission also included astronauts Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin in addition to Neil Armstrong.

The footages show the tracks left by the astronauts are still present on the lunar surface even after all these years. Along with the footage, NASA wrote, “It’s #InternationalMoonDay! Today marks the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing – the first time that humans stepped on the surface of another world. This video from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the astronauts’ tracks, still there after all this time.”

On their official Instagram Account, NASA dropped three photos of the lunar surface. In the caption, the space agency said, “Their achievement was made possible by the thousands of people who worked tirelessly toward a common goal, as set by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, and dreamed of by civilizations of old.”

The space agency also declared that preparations for a lunar surface landing are ongoing. Missions like Artemis I and CAPSTONE will serve as pathfinders and test components of the entire strategy before a human return. Nasa also mentioned, “As we move closer to our return to the Moon with @NASAArtemis, we prepare new generations for long-term lunar exploration with a focus on international cooperation and teamwork,”

There have been 12 humans who have orbited the moon and 12 who have walked on its surface so far.