Follow these home remedies for smelling breath, it will remove the clumsiness of teeth

Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

The beauty of the face depends largely on our smile and our teeth make our smile beautiful. If your teeth are yellow or unsightly, then no matter how beautiful the face is, your attraction is reduced. Also, bad breath is caused by bad breath. Learn here, easy and homely ways to remove yellowing of teeth and bad breath.

Knowing how to brush with coal, you will definitely feel a bit strange that how can black coal lighten teeth? But the truth is that it can brighten your teeth like beads. Find out that in the past, teeth were cleaned with coal powder only. You can bring charcoal from the market and make it powder and brighten your teeth. Mix mustard oil in mustard.

salt and brush with this mixture in the morning and at night before sleeping. This mixture of salt and mustard oil will increase your teeth shine after a few days of use.

Lemon juice
Lemon contains citric acid, which acts to increase the brightness of white things. Also, lemon removes bad breath. If you rub lemon peel on the teeth twice daily for 10-10 minutes, then you will definitely benefit. You can also apply a mixture of mustard oil and salt while rubbing your teeth with this peel. Mixing an equal quantity of baking soda and salt with baking soda and salt removes the yellowing of teeth and does not cause pyorrhea in the mouth. Along with this, there is freshness in the breath.