Filming work for Tamil films will begin soon

Chennai: Post production work of Tamil films will start soon. Earlier, on May 11, after shooting the film with respect to the need for film production jobs in organizations that
had government permission to start.

Ranki heroine Trisha, His Round, Nayan Tara nose Amman heroine, the prince of the Solomon kunki 2, the name of Suresh heroine
has started again, and the pictures Penguin jobs. This is behind the post production work of some of the films. The Vijay-starrer films of Post Master, Kamal Hassan, India 2, Siva Karthikeyan, doctors, information will soon start production jobs.

Most Tamil films are expected to start production this week.
Film Employees Federation of South India (phephsi) According to the information released by the stoichiometric films had sought permission to start the post-production jobs during the leakkden.