Film Exhibitors Federation says no movie of Jayasurya and Vijaya Babu will be screened in theaters !!

Film Exhibitors Federation says that no movie of Jayasurya and Vijaya Babu will be seen in the theater anymore, The Film Exhibitors Federation has come out against the decision of Jayasurya starrer Sufi and Sujatha to be released online.

Liberty Basheer said the move was cheated when the film industry went through a major crisis. If a newcomer has done something like this, it is understandable. But Liberty Basheer has bluntly denied that the move by producer and actor, who has hit big hits, is unacceptable.

Liberty Basheer said that if the movie was given to an online platform like Amazon, no movie of Vijay Babu and Jayasurya would be promoted. He can only be a movie star if he plays in the movie theater. With such platforms, he will become a serial actor. Do not even think about his future. “We are of the view that no matter how big an actor makes such a move, his image will not be playing in Kerala,” said Liberty Basheer.