Fear of failure, BJP trying another operation in Karnataka, says Congress


The by-election campaign that will decide the fate of Chief Minister Yeddyurappa, who was ruled by Operation Lotus in Karnataka, will end today. Polling for 15 assembly seats will be held tomorrow.
Meanwhile, state Congress president Dinesh Guntrao alleged that the BJP was trying to make another operation. But voters will not accept this, he said.

The BJP has made the move in fear of losing the by-election. The poll they conducted has confirmed that the majority will not get enough seats. The BJP is making yet another coup attempt based on the survey


report. But people will not accept this. There will be a great response from them. Then things will get out of control in the state. The KPCC president said the impact would be serious. Asked if he would reunite with the JDS after the election, Dinesh Guntrao replied that they are now contesting all 15 seats alone. There is no telling what will be done after the election. He said the current aim is to retain their seats.

After the by-election, the Congress leaders had said that they would form a government with the JDS.


The by-election will be held in the constituency of the MLAs who have been disqualified by the Speaker following the collapse. Seventeen MLAs, including 14 in Congress and three in the JDS, were disqualified. By-elections will be held tomorrow in 15 constituencies. The Congress and the JDS are contesting alone. The BJP and the Congress have 15 candidates. JDS competes in only 12 seats. The BJP government can stay in power if it wins more than half the seats.